Hey there!

I’m Tabari

A wife, mom, interior decorator, party planner and baker. I got married in 1998. We have a daughter that’s planning a wedding and a son that’s graduating! I love to entertain so cooking and baking is part of my daily life. Setting up a fun, pretty or elegant table is the best part!

I grew up in a small town where we walked to school every day. Hanging out with friends, playing music, learning how to sew, and baking cookies was our after school fun!

School work wasn’t my strong point. So as I sat through my classes each day, I thought about how I would rearrange our living room when I got home from school. When could I get to a fabric store for some fabric to recover those old throw cushions?

1994. Graduation day. I walked into my high school gymnasium and fell in love. There to greet me was a sea of teals, silver and whites. I realized at that moment my love for interior design was more than just paint colors and throw cushions. Since that day, I’ve decorated more stages than I can count. From elementary and high school performances  to Christmas concerts and graduation. Along with all that, the endless birthday parties, table settings for company and wedding decorating made the collaboration of interior design and party planning more exciting than I could’ve ever imagined!

Stick around as we take you on an exciting journey of color and a whole lotta fun!